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About Us

My name is Michael Eannelli and I am the owner, operator and your pharmacist here at Eannelli Pharmacy. I graduated from The University of Wisconsin College of Pharmacy in 1974. I have been practicing pharmacy ever since.

I originally started practicing pharmacy in Appleton, WI. I moved to the Madison area and took over as the managing pharmacist for a chain store. I enjoyed being a pharmacist, but the chain pharmacy environment didn’t allow me everything I was looking for in my career. I wanted to provide the best care I knew I was capable of providing.

In 2000, I took ownership of The Medicine Shoppe at 590 Water St in Prairie du sac, WI. As time went I felt at home in the community and the people did as well as was evident in our growth. Eventually we moved to our current location at 405 Water St and dropped our franchise. For over 3 years now we have been fully independent!

My wife is a retired nurse practitioner and I have 4 children that are in varying careers. Sometimes my family still comes by to help. It truly is a family enterprise and livelihood. I sincerely enjoy conversing and listening to all the stories that my patients/customers come by to tell us. It is a real highlight and privilege to serve such a great community of people. So feel free to stop by!

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