We have a full range of pharmaceuticals products and will gladly try to transfer all your medications to our pharmacy. We offer competitive generic medication prices that rival big chains with the added bonus that you are not just a number. We can special order most medications. At Eannelli Pharmacy we accept and bill all of the major prescription drug plans and all Medicaid (WI) and Medicare (Part D) plans. Our billing experts ensure that you never pay more than you have to and unlike most big chain pharmacies we will spend the extra time with your insurance company or provider to ensure your medication is either covered or changed to an equivalent substitute.



Though most medication are dispensed in their final form as tablets, capsules, powders, liquids or topical sometimes medications must be altered and put into a different “dosage form.” With more than +40 years of pharmacy practice under my belt there is little that I haven’t seen and can’t provide. At Eannelli Pharmacy we can perform most non-sterile compounding procedures, find a suitable alternative by working with your provider, or make a recommendation to another pharmacy that can provide the services you need. In the end we have an obligation to your best interest and health.


Diabetic and Durable Medical Equipment

In an age where insurance companies are mandating cost reduction and limiting patient’s choices by requiring endless paperwork, sometimes it seems easier to give up. But if you have diabetes or need a piece of durable medical equipment (DME) billed for retail in-home use then we have specialists that can do the job for you. We stock all major brands of diabetic testing supplies. We also have the full knowledge of our products and are more than happy to assist. We also can access most blood glucose meter memories and chart your history for insurance, personal, and health history needs at no cost!


OTC and Recommendations

Usually when someone starts to get the sniffles they to make a trip to the pharmacy section where they shop and try to stem their illness single-handedly. At Eannelli Pharmacy our aim is to ensure your safety and make sure you are getting the most effective medication possible, including over-the-counter or ”non-prescription medications.” OTCs are still dangerous and selecting the proper medication is made easier with the help of a pharmacist. Pharmacists are also trained to make recommendations and often are the easiest accessible healthcare professional to assist in triaging a health issue. At Eannelli Pharmacy we can help you select the proper product with our wide range of quality Good Neighbor Pharmacy OTC medications.

Mail Out and Free Delivery*

Your health is our primary concern and although we offer convenient hours 7-days a week and have a drive-thru window, we understand sometimes it is impossible to come to the pharmacy to pick-up your medications. We can arrange your medications to be delivered by mail that usually takes 1-2 business days depending on your location from the pharmacy. Simply pay postage and any balance. If you are within 10 miles of our pharmacy (some stipulation apply) you can call ahead to have your medications delivered directly to your home for NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!

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